Hello. I'm Esteban Herrera, pianist, composer, arranger, producer and music director originally from Mexico, living in Canada. I was born in Mexico City on 1979 and began my music preparation when I was 12 years old. I studied at the Music Conservatory of the State of Mexico, at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico and at Ambrose University of Calgary. I have 25 years of professional experience as a full time musician. I have shared music with several artists in many jazz venues all around Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Latin America. My music is an original approach to contemporary world jazz and Mexican traditions, exploring odd meters and complex rhythms sometimes, and my latin heritage some others, letting the improvisation to lead each live session and recordings. I write the music and lyrics, arrange, play the piano, produce and direct my albums. I am a visual artist with several paintings made by me, mostly the covers of my albums. Creativity, art and culture, my favourite things in the universe. Spread my work, appreciate other's work and help each other to do it, my goal. Life is beautiful because we make it beautiful with art. The artistic expression is the most consummated perfection achieved by the human race. It's the true definition of the human experience through the whole history. I'm an artist. I've been an artist my entire life. I studied degrees in music and in communication in order to communicate with art. I also have worked in radio and television as a professional in communication. I love to teach and I´ve done it for more than 15 years in different prestigious institutions. I’ve worked in art management in cultural festivals and owned a couple of night club business.


  • ESTRELLA (2013)

  • ORIGEN (2014)

  • FANTASMA (2015)


  • HOGAR (2018)

  • SUEÑOS (2018)

  • MIL VECES MAS (2019)

(all available on Spotify and iTunes)

Festivals & venues (1996 to present):

  • Folk Festival in Calgary

  • Lilac Festival in Calgary

  • Okotoks Festival

  • Mexifest in Calgary

  • Ironwood in Calgary

  • Lolita’s Lounge in Calgary

  • Mikey’s on 12th in Calgary

  • The Blues Can in Calgary

  • Canada Jazz Fest in Calgary

  • Yardbird Suite in Edmonton

  • Arts Commons in Calgary

  • Cliff Bungalow Jazz Series in Calgary

  • Expo Latino in Calgary

  • Fiestaval in Calgary

  • Jazz Festival in Medicine Hat

  • Zig Zag Jazz Club in Berlin

  • A-Trane Jazz Club in Berlin

  • B-Flat Jazz Club in Berlin

  • The Hat Bar in Berlin

  • Bei Ernst Jazz Club in Berlin

  • Zanjabil in Berlin

  • Charity Cafe in Rome

  • Gregory’s Jazz Club in Rome

  • Festival Martínez Zapata in San Luis Potosí

  • Auditorio Blas Galindo CNA in CDMX

  • Festival de Jazz de la UAEM in Toluca

  • Foro Cultural Chapultepec in CDMX

  • Festival Internacional de Jazz in Hidalgo

  • El Arte del Trío del IMER in CDMX

  • Jazzbook in CDMX

  • Festival Cultural in Zacatecas

  • Festival de Jazz de Coyoacán in CDMX

  • Semana de Bajo y Batería in CDMX

  • Festival de Blues y Jazz in Zacatecas

  • Festival E-Jazz in Puebla

  • Aguas Jazz Fest in Aguascalientes

  • Jazzeando in CDMX

  • Jazz en la Ciudad in CDMX

  • Fête de la Musique in Toluca

  • Festival de las Almas in Valle de Bravo

  • Festival Internacional de Jazz in Mérida

  • Festival de Jazz in Cancún

  • Festival Quimera in Metepec

  • Festival Cultural de la Primavera in Peru

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